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Revolutionizing AI Computation: Custom Mass Multiplication Circuits

September 7, 2023 Jessica Jones

Computer Vision, Machine Vision, High Performance AI Circuity.

US Patent Number 11,748,061 Granted on September 5, 2023

Gigantor Technologies Inc — In a groundbreaking leap forward for artificial intelligence and computational efficiency, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially approved Patent Number 11,748,061, detailing the innovative Custom Mass Multiplication Circuits. This invention marks a monumental shift in AI processing by utilizing mass-scale calculations in the order of millions, billions, and even trillions to achieve unparalleled speeds through intricate layered directed graphs.

Traditional AI processing often faces limitations due to finite computational resources, hindering its ability to perform complex calculations at high speeds. Gigantor's newly patented Mass Multiplier technology bypasses these constraints by implementing a unique non-Von Neumann approach. By integrating massive arrays of calculations into a unified process, the Custom Mass Multiplication Circuits harness the power of collective computation, enabling calculations that dwarf even the most advanced GPUs and TPUs in the market.

CTO Mark Mathews said, "The core bottleneck for CNNs is the sheer volume of multiplications required to compute each node of an abstract mathematical graph. While GPUs and TPUs simulate the operation of an abstract mathematical model with instruction streams, GigaMACS™ implements the model directly in hardware, which yields the optimal combination of maximum performance at minimum power."

The newly patented technology's potential applications are far-reaching, encompassing high-speed image recognition, robotics, augmented reality, and autonomous systems. GigaMACS™ pipeline architecture provides ultra-high performance with near-zero latency, processes HD and 4K frames at 240 FPS or higher, and enables Unlimited Object Recognition with our Synthetic Scaler technology. 

The capability to harness vast computational power without compromising performance is ushering in a new era of AI advancements.

About Gigantor Technologies: Gigantor Technologies is a Florida Space Coast start-up backed by investors, including Florida Funders and the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Technology. Gigantor is disrupting the market by solving six (6) major problems with AI adoption: Throughput, Latency, Resolution, frame rates, Power, and Size. With a focus on cutting-edge research and development, the company is dedicated to advancing the field of AI and delivering solutions that make a real-world impact. For more information, visit gigantor.com 

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