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GigaMAACS Demos

ARMY Tank Automatic Target Recognition Demo

Watch GigaMAACS' powerful performance during an ARMY ATR Tank demonstration. The video showcases the exceptional capabilities in a practical, high-intensity environment.


Drones vs Birds Automatic Target Recognition

In these videos, the GigaMAACS' cutting-edge technology skillfully distinguishes drones from birds in various challenging scenarios. Each video is carefully annotated with Frames Per Second (FPS), resolution, and latency - measured in fractions of a millisecond.

The GigaMAACS system's ability to focus on drone identification while effortlessly ignoring the birds demonstrates precision and adaptability.

It is a riveting showcase of AI technology, providing a clear eye in the sky, even in the most complex environments.

GigaMAACS ResNet-34 Results

In real-time, GigaMAACS processes fast frame rates in high resolution. 

The graph compares the frame processing speeds of GigaMAACS and a selection of nVidia's Jetson series. On a 1200 x 1200 frame, GigaMAACS outperforms nVidia.

The results demonstrate that when real-time, high-speed, high-resolution processing is required, GigaMAACS is the only solution. 






In 2021, Gigantor put together their first demonstration model and compared the results of a GigaMAACS circuit on a stock FPGA to nVidia's super GPUs, the A100 and V100.
The test was set to process 240 FPS of HD resolution.

The results were phenomenal: GigaMAACS processed all 240 FPS at an astonishingly low latency of just 0.35 milliseconds.

The difference is clear. Regarding real-time processing of live HD images at high speeds, GigaMAACS meets the challenge and outperforms the competition.



nVidia A100 GPU


nVidia V100 GPU