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GigaMACS™ Demos

GigaMACS™ ResNet-34 Results

We're proud to present data that showcases the robust performance capabilities of our GigaMACS™ technology, particularly in real-time processing of high-speed frames at high resolutions.

In the graph, you'll see a comparison between the frame processing speeds of GigaMACS™ and a selection of nVidia's Jetson series. On a 1200 x 1200 frame, GigaMACS™ outperforms nVidia by a considerable margin.

The results clearly demonstrate that when it comes to high-speed, high-resolution real-time processing, GigaMACS™ truly excels. 


GigaMACS™ MNIST Results



In our pursuit of real-time, high-speed object identification, we've put GigaMACS™ to the test against nVidia’s leading GPUs: the V100 and A100.

We aimed to process live HD images at a stunning 240 FPS, identifying objects within each frame in real-time.

The results were phenomenal: GigaMACS™: It processed the entire 240 FPS - not missing a beat. But what's truly remarkable is the latency. GigaMACS™ delivered these results at an astonishingly low latency of just 0.35 milliseconds.

The difference is clear. Regarding real-time processing of live HD images at high speeds, GigaMACS™ not only meets the challenge - it outperforms the competition.



nVidia A100 GPU


nVidia V100 GPU


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