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Experience the Future of AI with GigaMAACS

Harness the Power of Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Breakthrough in AI Technology

It's more than just a new circuitry design – it's a complete reimagining of the architecture for AI processing.

At the heart of the GigaMAACS System is our patented parallel pipeline design. This innovative approach enables a level of performance and speed previously unattainable. It's not just faster; it provides consistent, real-time operation with near-zero latency, transforming how we think about processing speed in AI applications.

With the GigaMAACS System, we're not just pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AI – we're redefining them.

Patent: Pipelined Operations in Neural Networks

Pipelined Operations in Neural Networks

GigaMAACS Guarantees Flawless High-Speed Processing 

One of the most striking features of the GigaMAACS System is its ability to maintain seamless throughput. This means no dropped frames, even when handling high-definition (HD) and 4K image processing at an astounding 240 FPS. With the GigaMAACS System, every frame is processed with speed and precision.

Unlock the full potential of your complex models with GigaMAACS, where ultra high-definition and high frame rates don't compromise speed or accuracy but rather define it.

Patent: Unbounded Parallel Implementation of Deep Neural Networks

High Speed AI Processing

Revolutionizing Object Recognition with Patented Synthetic Scaling Technology

Welcome to the next level of AI-powered object recognition and target tracking.

With Synthetic Scaling, the limits to object recognition are erased. This pioneering technology will identify thousands of objects within a single image. Every detail, from a bustling city street to a crowded stadium, is captured and analyzed in real time. The Scaler Technology opens up new possibilities for many applications, from autonomous driving to advanced surveillance systems.

Our Synthetic Scaling technology is not an incremental improvement—it's a revolutionary leap forward.

Patent: Synthetic Scaling Applied to Shared Neural Networks

Unlimited Object Detection

Real-Time Analysis of 3D Images

GigaMAACS technologies truly shine in the real-time analysis of 3D images, specifically in the context of MRI and CT scan machines. The cutting-edge system can detect abnormalities in 3D images as they are generated, enabling timely and accurate diagnoses for patients. With the integration of GigaMAACS technologies into these machines, instantaneous and precise identification of abnormalities will happen during the scan.

With GigaMAACS, the future of medical imaging is here, providing unparalleled insights and transforming how we diagnose and treat patients.

Patent: Parallel Implementation of Deep Neural Networks Applied to Three-Dimensional Data Sets

Medical 3D CNN AI

Mass Multiplier: Revolutionizing AI Computation

The Mass Multiplier is a testament to our relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AI technology. 

Imagine AI computations in the order of millions, billions, and even trillions happening simultaneously; this is the essence of the Mass Multiplier. Instead of relying on individual multipliers that would demand an impractical number of single-cycle multipliers shared among output channels and nodes, our technology consolidates these calculations into a unified, efficient process.

The Mass Multiplier eliminates the spatial constraints that previously held AI computations back and ensures even the most complex Convolutional nodes are processed efficiently.

Patent: Custom Mass Multiplication Circuits