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Giants of Edge AI Acceleration

GigaMAACS removes hardware limitations impacting performance

Discover the Possibilities

With hardware limitations removed, models can be larger with more capabilities.

Unlock High Performance

Unleash complex AI Models able to process ultra-high definition visuals at blazing speeds.

Experience Near-Zero Latency

Discover a world of instantaneous experiences with advanced real-time processing technology.

Embrace Power Efficiency

Utilize 90% less power than GPUs for a streamlined, high-performance experience.


Overcoming Hardware Limitations Impacting AI Performance

Traditional hardware systems have sluggish frame processing, unpredictable high latency, data loss, and inconsistent throughput. While reducing image resolution, adding more hardware, or compressing the model may offer minor improvements; the costs are high. To truly enhance performance, it's essential to address the root cause with a fundamental solution.



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What's Next?

Experience seamless integration with Gigantor as we provide an optimized circuit design of your model primed for hardware implementation.

Step 1 Model Analysis and Estimate 
Submit your trained model overview for evaluation.

Step 2 Initiating the Process
Provide your camera/sensor input resolution and frame rate. 

Step 3 Your Customized Solution 
We'll transform the model into a streamlined pipeline system. You receive an optimized circuit design ready for FPGA or ASIC deployment.

CNN Acceleration


Is Your Edge AI Experiencing Video Hardware Limitations? 

Edge-based Artificial Intelligence models often face challenges with limited space, onboard power supply constraints, and the need for real-time operation. We provide solutions tailored to overcome these hurdles and optimize performance.

Here are some industry examples where GigaMAACS can help. 

  • Defense & Aerospace

    Defense & Aerospace

    • Fire Control & Automation
    • Target Acquisition & Tracking
    • Drone & Satellite Surveillance
    • Drone Swarms
  • Autonomous & Unmanned


    • Aerial Navigation
    • Drone Flight & Stability
    • Autonomous Vehicles / Robots
    • Unmanned Subsurface Vehicles USV
  • Agriculture


    • Laser Pest Control
    • Chemical Pest Prevention
    • Soil Testing & Replenishment
    • Preparation, Planting, & Harvesting
  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality

    • Medical & Surgery HUDs
    • Marketing & Gaming
    • Engine Mechanics
    • Training Applications
  • On-Highway Transportation


    • Driving Auto-Assist
    • Autonomous Ride-Hailing
    • City Bus / Subway Transport
    • Level4/Level5 Autonomous Driving
  • Industrial Machines

    Industrial Machines

    • Mining Controls
    • Drilling & Boring
    • Construction Vehicles
    • Oil & Water Well Drilling
  • Health Care

    Health Care

    • MRI & CT 3D CNN
    • Mobile Medical Devices
    • Fetal Abnormality Detection
    • Cancer Abnormality Recognition 
  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    • Traffic Flow Monitoring
    • Weapon & Threat Tracking
    • License Plate Identification
    • Incident Notification & Reporting
  • Industrial Process Monitoring

    Process Monitoring

    • Rail-way Heat & Damage
    • Chip & Wafer Inspections
    • Manufacturing Inspections
    • Visual Checkout & Inventory