Giants of Neural Network Acceleration

Gigantor’s multi-patented product, GigaMACS™, is the solution for accelerating and moving latency to near-zero for CNN/DNN models in artificial intelligence.

GigaMACS™ accelerates convolutional and deep neural networks to process input pixels as fast as the source delivers images. The model will run with near-zero latency while accepting high-definition 4K input pixels at 240 frames per second or more. Your neural network model is not pruned, filtered, or have any mathematical precision reduced.

What would your business look like if your neural network model could accept HD/4K full-frame images at the camera speed and process outputs in real-time?  For autonomous vehicles, this could save lives. For agricultural vehicles, it could mean doubling your speed and productivity. For military and aerospace, it could mean accurate targeting of tens of thousands of objects in real-time. For medical devices, it brings real-time diagnosis.

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No Changes to the Convolutional Neural Network     No Latency for artificial intelligence real time AI
No Changes   No RAM   Near-zero Latency
No alterations or changes to the model in any way   No RAM is utilized, which eliminates access bottlenecks   Even while processing 240 FPS, latency is less than ½ msec
  AI that accepts input data in real time   No RAM means power saved
Frame Resolution   High Speed   Saves Power
Process full size, HD, 4K, & 8K images without dropping frames
  Accepts input pixels as fast as the camera can deliver them, 60, 240, or 1,000 FPS and even quicker   Saves more than 90% of standard power consumption



GigaMACS™ accelerates AI technology to operate in real-time with constant near-zero latency, for real-world applications, without dropping frames, while reducing power consumption. The novel solution accelerating convolutional and deep neural network models is unlike anything seen before. The US Patent Office allowed all our claims without contest on both patents: in only four (4) months, Patent 11,099,854 issued on 8/24/2021, and; in just seven (7) months, Patent 11,256,981 issued on 2/22/2022, and Patent 11,354,571 was issued on 06/07/2022.


We Accelerate Neural Networks For: 






  • Aerial Navigation
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Agriculture
  • Target Acquisition
  • Health & Medical Scanning
  • Chip & Wafer Inspections
  • Manufacturing Inspections
  • Augmented Reality
  • Visual Checkout & Inventory
  • Smart Cities
  • Any Robotic Vision