Giants of Neural Network Acceleration

What would your business look like if your Neural Network could keep up with an HD/4K input in real-time? How about if it could process the full-frame and not a postage-stamp-sized image?

Gigantor Technologies can increase your existing product’s speed without changing your Neural Network model’s accuracy or using any additional power. In fact, the power consumption will decrease.

Click here to find out how our patent-pending technology can take your TPU, CPU, or GPU model and optimize it for an FPGA or ASIC automatically.



We Accelerate Neural Networks For: 






  • Aerial Navigation
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Health & Medical Scanning
  • Chip & Wafer Inspections
  • Manufacturing Inspections
  • Augmented Reality
  • Visual Checkout & Inventory
  • Any Robotic Vision