Giants of Neural Network Acceleration

GigaMACS™ is a powerful AI acceleration system enabling large, complex models to operate in real-time at near-zero latency.

Would your machine vision model benefit by using the GigaMACS™ system? 

  • 120, 240, 480 frames/sec 
  • HD, 4K, 8K or Larger
  • Near-zero Latency
  • 90+% Power Savings
  • Large / Complex Models in Real-time

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Machine Vision Problems Solved

If hardware limitations are causing performance issues or growth restrictions, then your computer vision model requires the powerful real-time AI acceleration of GigaMACS™. Don’t sacrifice your accuracy, use GigaMACS™.

GigaMACS™ accelerates machine vision, RADAR, and LiDAR technology to real-time while maintaining a constant near-zero latency. Because of the novel circuit design, images process without any friction and will never drop frames. The powerful real-time AI acceleration solves latency issues by eliminating shared resources and memory.

AI Industries Demand GigaMACS™ Performance

GigaMACS™ undoubtedly proven technology Patents: The Parallel Pipelined Operation Patent no. 11,099,854; Unbounded Parallel Pipelined Patent no. 11,256,981; Applied to 3D data-sets Patent no. 11,354,571