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Defense Business Accelerator (DBX) Challenge

February 13, 2024 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, CMO, Accepts $2M Award

Gigantor Technologies Wins $2M Contract at Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo

Gigantor Technologies, a trailblazer in cutting-edge AI solutions, emerged triumphant at the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo in Maryland. Chief Marketing Officer Jessica Jones showcased Gigantor's pioneering technology at the Defense Business Accelerator (DBX) Microelectronics Challenge, securing a $2M contract.

Matthew Laudon, the Vice President of TechConnect Division of Advanced Technology International, said, "The Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo prides itself on showcasing disruptive technologies poised to reshape industries. Gigantor's triumph in securing the $2M contract underscores their pivotal role in revolutionizing Edge AI Systems. Their novel approach addresses critical performance issues and accelerates the deployment of advanced computing solutions. We congratulate Gigantor Technologies on this remarkable achievement and look forward to witnessing the impact of their Universal Computer Vision ASIC Hardware in shaping the future of AI."

Amid stiff national competition, Gigantor stood out as one of only 25 finalists invited to present a pitch on their breakthrough project, Universal Computer Vision ASIC. Gigantor was among the select six winners honored with this prestigious contract, a significant stride toward commercializing Gigantor's sixth and latest patent.

Nathan Edwards, Executive Director of US Partnership for Assured Electronics, said, "Gigantor Technologies' success in the DBX Microelectronics Challenge signifies a leap forward in establishing robust and reliable Edge AI computer vision frameworks critical to our national security initiatives with their ASIC. Their technology holds tremendous promise for bolstering our nation's technological capabilities and providing our Defense industry with an asymmetric advantage."

Gigantor's focus on high-performance Edge AI systems addresses critical performance challenges in current GPU hardware setups. Existing systems often grapple with high and erratic latency, high power consumption, and data loss, posing significant risks, from operational failures to potential hazards in crucial scenarios.

Gigantor's revolutionary architecture, with six US Issued Patents, promises near-zero and constant latency, ensuring rapid and reliable AI model responses. By processing data comprehensively, their service optimizes models into the new AI computing framework, tailored to operate at the camera or sensor input rate. This groundbreaking circuit design enables real-time processing of ultra-high resolutions at incredibly fast frame rates while minimizing power consumption and zero data loss.

Gigantor's latest Issued Patent, unveiled in October 2023, introduces the high-performance Edge AI Architecture as an 'Off-the-shelf' hardware solution, obliterating the customary two-year development period for custom ASICs. In addition, Gigantor's Universal Computer Vision ASIC does not require special manufacturing or bleeding-edge technology to reach high-performance metrics, making it a lower-cost option than the hardware systems available today.

Don Gaspar, CEO and Co-founder at Gigantor added, "The Defense Business Accelerator program requires dual-use revolutionary technologies just to be considered, implying a critical DOD need and broad commercial applicability. Our visionary CMO, Jessica Jones, pitched this to a highly technically innovative crowd and brought the largest award home."

The $2M contract awarded to Gigantor Technologies marks a pivotal moment in advancing the development and commercialization of their Universal Computer Vision ASIC Hardware. This milestone reinforces Gigantor's commitment to revolutionizing Edge AI Systems and sets the stage for a new era of unparalleled AI performance.

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