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Gigantor Technologies Inc. Welcomes a New Advisor Matt Harrigan

May 17, 2023 Jessica Jones

Matt Harrigan

Originally published July, 2021

Gigantor Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the newest member of our advisory board, Matt Harrigan. Matt Harrigan is a twenty-five-year cybersecurity veteran. As an instrumental developer of technologies and corporate practices, he helped shape how digital security in the modern era is perceived and utilized.

Mr. Harrigan works with some of the world’s largest organizations in defense, healthcare, online services, and banking to identify and protect their digital assets. He is an early contributing author to well-known security and compliance standards including PCI-DSS.

For the past thirteen years, Matt has engaged in three of his own start-up ventures, and is a partner at Baker Hall where he helps identify investment opportunities at start-up companies with the potential to grow.

Gigantor Technologies welcomes Matt and will leverage his entrepreneurial spirit, his technical skills, and his professional network to bring our technology, GigaMACS™, to the top of the AI acceleration field. 

“It’s an exceptional pleasure to work with Matt again, and we’re fortunate to have him with Team Gigantor” said Don Gaspar, CEO. “Matt’s technical skills and business acumen combined with his history of success will open many new doors of opportunity for Gigantor.”

“Gigantor’s patented approach to the acceleration of machine learning models positions the company to solve a huge range of issues that are present in everything from smart cars to defense and intelligence networks. Our customers can do 400X the amount of work on a minimal hardware footprint, enabling them to implement more sophisticated AI while actually spending less money in the datacenter” said Harrigan.

Gigantor’s first product, GigaMACS™, accelerates neural network models without pruning, filtering, or altering the precision of the model. Our patented technology speeds up the matrix multiplication and eliminates resource contention issues plaguing approaches that use GPUs and TPUs. GigaMACS™ operates at the input pixel rate regardless of model complexity. As an added benefit, GigaMACS™ can also reduce power consumption by more than 90%. Enabling convolutional neural networks to execute at the input pixel speed without latency allows the deployment of more responsive and complex inference models in vehicles, drones, manufacturing, medical devices, aerospace, and defense, to name just a few examples.

Gigantor is excited to work with Matt and Baker Hall on building a network of experts in cybersecurity, AI, and defense networks.

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