GigaMACS™ Technology

The Only Solution with High Speed, Near-Zero Latency, Real-time Performance


GigaMACS™ ResNet-34 Results

Compare GigaMACS™ real-time ResNet34 results to nVidia’s self-reported data. Real-time high-speed frames in high resolutions are not a problem for models using GigaMACS™!



We compared GigaMACS™ to nVidia’a V100 and A100 GPUs

The goal is to accept live HD images at 240 FPS and identify all the objects in real-time.



The Demo Videos

GigaMACS™ Demo on Xilinx VU9P FPGA

  • Constant performance
  • Near-zero Latency
  • Accepts & Processes 240 FPS
  • No Dropped Frames

nVidia’s Tesla V100 and A100 demo

  • Erratic Performance
  • High Latency
  • Dropped over 212 FPS
  • Lost 88% to 90% of Data


Clock Speeds

GigaMACS™ hardware runs significantly slower and cooler while generating higher FPS with near-zero latency. All the nVidia hardware boards are running over a billion cycles to achieve fewer frames per second. GigaMACS™ runs at a sedate 125 MHz, yet still outperforms GPUs running over 1 GHz using 10 times the power and heat. 





Stop sacrificing model size, speed, and performance. Design larger and more complex models using GigaMACS™.

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