Dr. Rick Sax, M.D.

Gigantor Technologies Inc. Welcomes a New Advisor Dr. Rick Sax, M.D.

Gigantor Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the newest member of our advisory board, Rick Sax, M.D.


Dr. Sax is a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, having held senior positions in Clinical Development at Merck & Co. and AstraZeneca. Currently, Dr. Sax, founder and Managing Director of Pharma Design Solutions, Ltd., consults senior biopharmaceutical executives with corporate organizational aspirations and advises technology companies interested in improving R&D productivity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gigantor Technologies welcomes Dr. Sax and will leverage his medical and pharmaceutical technology knowledge as well as his professional contact network to bring our technology, GigaMACS™, to the front line.  

GigaMACS™ is a revolutionary technology improving the performance capabilities of deep neural network models. In the medical industry, optimizing robotics optical identification systems means GigaMACS™ could improve autonomous surgeries. In addition, our technology can help monitor brain activity to help predict when a person might have a seizure. GigaMACS™ can also be used in utero to detect cell abnormalities so doctors are aware of potential issues or can even surgically fix problems before birth. GigaMACS™ does not change the original model or the accuracy; it simply optimizes the code to run in real-time applications with minimal latency. 

“It’s an exceptional pleasure to welcome Dr. Sax to the Gigantor team,” says Don Gaspar, CEO. “Dr. Sax’s industry knowledge and expertise will open many doors of opportunity for Gigantor, and we’re truly fortunate to have him on the team.”

“I am thrilled to be part of the Gigantor team. After learning about GigaMACS™ and the ability to optimize Deep Neural Networks, I knew the medical field would benefit. The ability to process high frame rates at real-time speed is a potential game-changer in the medical field that can facilitate rapid diagnosis and save lives,” ~ Rick Sax.

Dr. Sax’s extensive background with Medical Writing, Global Regulatory Affairs, Safety Knowledge and Reporting, and Design and Delivery Innovation will help Gigantor Technologies introduce GigaMACS™ to the right people with acceptable industry documentation.


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