Leadership Advisors

Fran Landolf

Principal at Core Consulting LLC

Fran Landolf is the founder and an independent consultant of Core Consulting, LLC., which provides him a vehicle to match private sector solutions with public sector problems. Through his board and networking activities, Fran becomes aware of private-sector innovations by start-ups and attempts to make these innovations visible to the IC and Defense establishments’ missions.

Fran has performed executive coaching and leadership development for both private and public sector executives and teams. He is currently an advisor to several small innovative product companies with the potential to address both government and commercial applications. Before creating his consulting practice, Fran led public sector organizations at the National Security Agency; he was responsible for delivering time-critical services essential for informed military and National level decisions. Fran created organizations that managed the performed analysis of cryptographic systems, unknown signals, communications systems, and computer networks. They also developed and deployed the processing solutions that transformed network and communications data into a form consumable by intelligence analysts.

Fran currently serves on the Hume Center’s board at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the Cyber Incubator at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is a member of the Board of Regents and a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. He has previously served on the Technical Advisory Group for the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science and Technology for Defense Warning, MITRE Corporation Intelligence Advisory Board, the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, and on several panels of the National Security Agency Advisory Board.

Rick Sax, M.D.

Managing Director at Pharma Design Solutions, Ltd.

Rick is a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, having held senior positions in Clinical Development at Merck & Co. and AstraZeneca. His career has included leading cardiovascular drug development at Merck, and leadership roles in the U.S. Business, Global Medical Sciences, and New Opportunities at AstraZeneca. At AstraZeneca, he also helped lead the effort to transform Clinical Development, focused on improving program and protocol design and the way it is linked to operational productivity.

Rick joined Quintiles in 2011, where he oversaw Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Global Regulatory Affairs, Safety Knowledge & Reporting, and global Laboratory operations. He formed the Center for Integrated Drug Development – Quintile’s home for clinical program and trial design with its enabling technology platform, Infosario Design®. In 2014 he became a Managing Director in QuintilesIMS (now IQVIA) Consulting Services and then a Senior Vice-President in IQVIA Design & Delivery Innovation, leading the Strategic Drug Development business unit. The unit supports biopharma companies to design integrated development, regulatory, and commercial strategies for their assets and due diligence activities. He also was one of the founding leaders of IQVIA’s Cell and Gene Therapy group.

Rick now is the founder and Managing Director of Pharma Design Solutions, Ltd., his consultancy practice, supporting senior biopharmaceutical executives with corporate organizational aspirations and technology companies interested in improving R&D productivity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Matt Harrigan

Start-Up Guy

Matt Harrigan is a twenty-five-year cybersecurity veteran. As an instrumental developer of technologies and corporate practices, he helped shape how digital security in the modern era is perceived and utilized. Mr. Harrigan worked with some of the world’s largest organizations in defense, healthcare, online services, and banking to protect their digital assets. He is an early contributing author to well-known security and compliance standards like PCI-DSS.

Matt graduated in 1992 from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Computer Science; since then, he has owned several companies and self-reports as a ‘Serial Cybersecurity Entrepreneur’.