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Don Gaspar

CEO & Co-Founder

Don has extensive experience in the executive ranks as a CTO including running product and engineering organizations while executing on aggressive roadmaps internationally. Don was recently the CTO & GM for ISGN managing several product lines and a large international staff. Previously, CTO & EVP for Yapstone, where he helped drive an $8MM company to over $100MM in his 4½ years there while managing the VRBO relationship and innovating payments solutions such as instant underwriting, a new credit card tokenization patent and a scalable payments system that worked in 14 countries and 4 currencies. Don was also the CTO for ImproveNet, which led to an IPO, whose assets are now HomeAdvisor. Way back Don was an engineering lead who worked on the Mac OS, A/UX (Apple Unix), the Finder and the PowerPC proof of concept at Apple Computer.

Don has a B.S. in Physics from CSU Long Beach, an M.B.A. from the Graziadio School at Pepperdine University, and an M.S. in Distributed Systems from DePaul University. Recently Don received a Blockchain certification from M.I.T.

Mark Mathews

CTO & Co-Founder

Mark has been developing complex and innovative IP for over 30 years. He has designed massively parallel Machine Vision circuits implementing standard algorithms (e.g. LKT) as synchronal pipelines for maximum throughput at minimal power.

Mark designed and implemented proprietary ASIC production tools to reduce license costs and built a world-wide collaborative system to keep tools running 24/7 with alternate staffs in US and Far East. 

Previously he consulted as a specialist in advanced technology development as well as recovery of many projects in disparate subject matter such as the CEVA Compiler (Google), DSL hardware (MachOne), legal evidence databases (Wolters-Kluwer), intractable memory leaks (VMWare), set-top box security (Microsoft), legacy processing (Stanford), Application Development (Tandem) and Communications (Apple). Mark joined Microsoft as employee 17 in 1980 and has to his credit the development of MultiPlan, which eventually became Excel.

Timothy Goodwin

Vice President, Business Development

Timothy brings a broad range of experience and skills to Gigantor Technologies and is focused on business development, market strategy, product design, and customer integrations. Timothy has over 30 years of experience in product design and architecture, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and strategy,  scientific research, R&D, engineering, and operations. Timothy has worked for both large and small companies, and in a variety of industries including National Labs, Semi-Conductor Capital Equipment, Software-as-a-Service, Lithium-ion batteries, and smartphone apps. 

Timothy has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.